#7 June email “Thank you sprained ankle!”


Greetings from Uganda, God’s country!  I must thank you for your prayers.  My ankle and leg are feeling a little better today.  I have had it iced and elevated since it happened.  My brothers here continue to tell me to take it easy and they are all very eager to help me.

Ever since September, I’ve felt God drawing me to rest in Him.  I, unfortunately, would rather busy myself with the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Some of you know that the month leading up to this trip was an incredible time of unrest.  So, even here in Uganda I have turned a stiff arm to God.  And, in His faithfulness, He stopped me dead in my tracks.  BAM!  Take that sprained ankle!  Now, I have no choice but to rest.  He’s so wonderful to put things in perspective for me.  And, He is so creative to show me how I can trust Him.  During these two days, my father has babied me like nobody’s business!  I have never been babied by my father.  (Other than when I was an actual baby.)  He is demonstrating that I can rest and my Father will surpass my need.  I am incredibly thankful for this, because during this time I’ve been confronted with some tough truth.  And, I’m in the right mindset to accept it.

During this time of rest, I’ve been able to really reflect on the work we are trying to do here.  We are focusing on Pallisa, a town, and Namaseke, a village.  In Pallisa, we are focusing on education, education of the importance of the Word of God.  Dad is working with Pastor Jeffrey there to encourage other pastors to read the Bible and, in turn, encourage their congregations.  We are also equipping people in the town the knowledge of how to find water.  Then, they will be able to provide income for their families and help their people find water to dig wells.

Namaseke is the village where Dad built the school twenty years ago.  His building has since become a public school and Moses has built a Christian school.  The needs of this village are the same of Pallisa with very specific focus on proper toilets at school ($1500), flooring in school ($2500), salaries for six teachers ($2700), a public toilet ($300) and another well ($2500).

At first glance, this may seem like a huge undertaking, but this is a drop in the bucket.  We are prioritizing needs, not wants.  And, the beauty of it all, is if you saw the people’s spirit… you would have no idea the need was so great.  Their love and generosity far surpasses anyone I’ve come in contact with.  They have taught me that I am poor in spirit.  I have so much more to learn and I’m so looking forward to the next two weeks.

Thank you for your continued prayers.  This has been an eye-opening experience and I know God has even more in store.  I already feel called to come back again and work with women and children.  I am so excited to see what the Lord has up His sleeve for that visit.  We serve an infinitely great God and I’m humbled to be a part of His work.




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