Please enjoy!!!

Pastor James talks to friend – Pastor James talks about how he is using the truck he was given to further the ministry.

Message to American kids – Viv and Pris send a message to my students at school about what truly matters.

Cutest kids ever at school!!! – Joshua leads the other three-year-olds in reciting their ABC’s.  Too cute!!!

Pastor James talks to Dad – Pastor James tells Dad about the truck donated and hopeful ministries in his district.

Simon Peter tells Daniel’s story – Simon Peter’s son lost his legs and he begins the story in this video.

Simon Peter’s story #2 – After getting a little choked up, he finishes telling Daniel’s story.

Ministry of light – How we’re using solar lights in the ministry.

Precious kids down the road – Dad and I spent many evenings with these kids.  They were so much fun to hang out with!

Dad attempting to make gravel – We walked down to the rock quarry and took a crack at making gravel.

Precious little three-year-olds dancing – These are the kids I spent the last part of my trip with.  Such a blessing!

Rock Quarry Overview – View of the rock quarry and the workers.

Children with Dad – Children get excited about camera

Driving at night right outside Kampala – self-explanatory 😉

How to wash clothes – African style! – These women are hardcore! 

Music time with the kids at school! – These kids were so much fun!

My attempt to wash clothes like the Ugandans – I’m a little embarrassed that it was so difficult to wash clothes the way my friends do.



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