#8 June email “Hoima, here I come!”


I’m about to embark on another leg of this beautifully amazing journey.  We leave for Hoima at 5:00 in the morning.  My dad may or may not be going with me, but this time I have peace.  Our time together this week has been so precious… words can’t even express.  I will be fully immersed in a school of evangelism all week.  I’m very excited!  My view of the gospel is about to expand and I couldn’t be any more excited about that!

A few questions and concerns were raised about my last email.  I NEVER wanted to come across as an infomercial begging for money from you.  I HOPE you all know me well enough to know that I’ve become invested in these people.  Their hearts.  Their families.  Their lives.  I was completely floored to see how basic their needs are and how easily it would be for people to help.  So, let me clarify what I was trying to convey…

The ministry we are focusing on in Pallisa is impressing the importance of the Word of God.  We’ve given a projector and tons of McArthur sermons to help provide sound teaching to the pastors.  We took them 220 Bibles and glasses.  If ANYONE memorizes the thirty-two verses, they get a brand new Bible.  We are also helping them learn to locate water.  If they know where the water is, they won’t waste their money and efforts digging wells where there is no water.  So, in Pallisa we are focusing on The Word and water.  Neither could we live without.

Namaseke is a very little village in the mountains of Uganda.  It is very remote and beautiful.  We definitely want to impress the importance of The Word, but when kids are dying from fleas… that sort of takes precedence.  The totals I gave in the last email were either one time needs or yearly.  I’m just going to list them in order of priority.
1.  Toilets at school – $1500 (one time)
2.  Concrete floor – $2500 (one time)  (those jiggers are no joke… Dad and I were both eaten up after only spending  forty-five minutes.  That was two days ago and we’re still battling these bites!)
3.  Teacher pay for six teachers – $2700 (yearly)
4.  Public toilet for village – $300 (one time)
5.  Another water well – $2500 (one time)

I know these past two emails have been a little different from my first few.  But, this is part of the journey too.  I would not be able to live with myself if I didn’t share with you the extent of the need.  These people are amazingly generous with what they do have and I’m learning so much.

I love you all and am humbled that you even care to be a part of this journey with me.  Without your support (however you are supporting me), I would not be here to report back to you.  My life is changing with every passing day.  Church today was amazing.  Pastor Eddie preached on obedience.  I needed that.

So, I need to go pack and get some sleep… 3:30 is going to come super early.  So, school of evangelism this week and I get to help teach little ones next week!!!  God is great!  Never did I think I would be here and enjoying truth like I am.  Whew!  This past week has been a wild ride.  Thank you again for your love and prayers.  I love you all so incredibly much!!!





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