Who we are

My name is Michelle Sisson and I teach high school English in Huntsville, AL.  About five years ago the Lord started drawing me closer to Him.  I was saved when I was six-years-old, but had no idea what it meant to walk with Christ.  My parents divorced when I was six and I had accepted that I’d never have a healthy relationship with my biological father.

June of this year (2011) I went to Uganda, Africa with my dad for three weeks.  This blog is about our time there and how God blessed us with reconciliation through serving Him.  We are now teaming up to do missions to Uganda in the future.

I pray you’ll join us on this journey…

For more information please feel free to contact us!  You can contact us on this blog or…


email – witnessinguganda@gmail.com

youtube – witnessinguganda


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