#6 June email “Watch Your Step!”

So, this morning after devotional, prayer and breakfast, I went to the school down the road with Brandon.  Brandon has been counseling the kids there and I thought I would tag along today.   As we walked down the very steep hill, Brandon told me about his girlfriend Lisa Michelle and his hopes to marry her one day.  When we entered the campus, he showed me the girls’ dormitory and other buildings.  While walking down another steep hill, I fell and sprained my ankle!  I hopped back up, but quickly realized that I could not walk.  UGH… I have sprained my ankle and possibly my calf muscle (if that’s possible).  My knee is not too happy either.  Go big or go home!!!!

Anyway, a lovely little girl named Priscilla came to keep me company.  She is thirteen and in Secondary 1 (S1), which I THINK is equivalent to our 8th grade.  Before I knew it, four other little girls joined her and we became fast friends.  We talked for about an hour about everything:  The U.S., Uganda, models, dances, family, careers, etc.  They invited me to their talent show tomorrow night!!!  They want me to bring pictures of my family and friends, so I’m about to get a slide show together of all of you.  Because you do know that I would not be here if it weren’t for your prayers!!!!

I am incredibly thankful for this blessing in disguise.  If it weren’t for my misstep, I would not have had the honor of becoming friends with these young ladies.  But, I would appreciate your prayers for healing.  I’m supposed to go to Hoima all next week.  We will be doing evangelism and I don’t think I’m gifted enough for everyone to flock to me…

I love you all and count you as the many blessings God has given me.  I am praising God more and more with each passing hour.  I am honored to count you as my brothers and sisters.





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