Emails from Uganda

Here are email correspondence from Uganda.  They are from multiple pastors, friends and family.  I pray you are blessed to see what God is doing through this ministry.  To God be the glory!!!

February 16, 2012

Hull, Bob bible teacher.
we are still excitet of the new programe of bible quiez, we have sworn to put more time
and to mobilise more people to learn from it,
ready for more advertisements  if we get the day of BOB”s coming.
                           YOUR FREIND
                           PR PETER UGANDA.


February 16, 2012

Dear Brother Bob,
Hope all is very good, i have taken long without sending my message, because i had to attend  seminars in pallisa and soroti which were organized by our church elders because we thought it wise to use this holidays to attend conferences.
However, on 26th /1/2012 we had one memory
28th /1/2012 we had two memory
09th/2/2012 we had a total attendance of 165 pastors and elders,
67 did Bible memory and 4 won the bible challenge
and then on the 11th we had 1 memory.
pastors were very excited about the bible challenge. the pastors who won said they had never known that they would be paid for reading the bible, some of them invited me to their churches for memory and bible challenge.

For the ministry of eye glasses, its the grate privilege that people have responded and appreciated with joyful expressions, as they thank God for loving, grate care and relief for their sight since they can now read there bibles with the help of the glasses.

The film shows are very touching and many pastors and elders have embraced the program  and the boys are going here and there to various churches which leave pastors with testimonies of increase in number of new converts. walk with Jesus, the passion of Christ, Jesus film are the films that inspire, touch, and speak to the lives of people, a secret blessing to the body of Christ.
We thank God who is enabling us to reach to nation in this way and may God bless you.
here are the attachment.
pastor Geoffrey oumo

February 11, 2012

we were blessed when you came to Uganda  in our church  ,from there i discovered
the reason God connected  you to us, it was to chase every coldness for lack of the word which has caused the teaching of errors in the all world, this made us to catch more fire for the gospel even  my fellow pastors testify about this, you will meet them when you come.

we love you and continue to pray for you and your family every time we meet in church to pray for our ,partners,
people in the church, pastors you saw , and others who missed are ready for bible quiez in may, bible Quiez became a full ministry which blesses people even beyond our church.
could do you tell me the day in time, to make it better,

pr peter ssebantu Uganda

January 12, 2012

Praise the Lord Bob

For  this week  I have nonly planned a bible challenge on Sunday,as I had comminicated to you earlier that people are coming for bibles,so the bible distribution is dairly

Sorry ,I did not write my name on the previous letter.

Iam also  thankfull for the camera, Godfrey  gave me on 11/1/2012.I will be taking every meeting.

This is promoting our vision.

Thank you.

Pr.Geoffrey Oumo

January 10, 2012

Dear Bob

I Hope you are fine

Thank God for all you are doing, may him bless you in all your dairly prayers and service.

Last week has been so interesting,I had both people calling for memoring verses and bible challenge and

also others come to town to memorise verses . Below is all that we  did in our vision.

2/1/2012 KamugeELIM PENTECOSTAL 23 2 Memorised,3won biblechallenge
5/1/2012 OdwaratFAITH TRUST WORSHIP 50 4Memorised,3won bible challenge,2lights
8/1/2012 OkisiranP.A.G CHURCH 36 22 Memorised,2Lighs,3bible challenge

Otherswho memorisedin the office

3/1/2012      5memorised

4/1/2012     4memorised

6/1/2012    3memorised

9/1/2012     3memorised

There is need now for more bibles.

One of the pastor who won a bible challenge on the 2nd said he used the money he got for taking his son to school, he encouraged all the people to read their because God heard his prayer.

We sat with MOSES and got two people who are going to reach to schools with the young boys girls catecisms,they are Benjamin and ANNET Lydia.They promise to begin immediately we finish to train them on what to do  and the schools open

January 5, 2012

Brother Bob,

New year greetings, there is much that is now taking place in Pallisa because people have been challenged to read their bibles every moving at least for one hour there is much excitement over here meetings are now very big. As people come to memorise and receive bibles and are confident and i now distribute many bibles every day. When i go to the villages with boxes of bibles, people are able to memorise the verses and take all the bibles.

I met one young man who had memorised the verses he said it was important that he knew those verses. He testified that he met a moslem man had asked one Christian to memorise at last five versed since he believed the bible is the word of God. The man who was arguing with moslmes failed because he didn’t know all the verses The young man because he had memorised the 27 verses he said it was very easy for him since he knew the verse he challenged the moslem man. He is very excited and reading bible now every day and he says it’s really the voice of God speaking to him and his life is changing positively every day.

Now many people are calling in village because they want memorise verses and receive the bibles  and other come to me people are catching fire and now  even the meetings have become very large there is a great change in people in Pallisa i am more excited how people are moved.

On the 2nd of January i had another meeting where the other couple you met in Country Inn the Williams  were teaching, there were present as i was conducting bible memory and bible challenge. People were very happy and one elder said “i had never expected money  but i thank God because these had never happened in my life, I answer question in the bible and i get money, this great!” He is promising to be the  winner in June meeting.

I believe that many people will become part of these life  changing vision since i see here the lives of many people is changing through reading the bible.

Thank you so much for what God is doing through you as we trust him i believe he will touch many lives and all will confesses that Jesus is the Lord and will know God through his word.

The solar lights and reading glasses are just much of the blessing these has enabled even these in rural areas to read their bibles very clearly every morning at don.


 Pr. Geoffrey Oumo

January 2, 2012

Brother Bob,

Greetings in the Name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

I hoped you reached well and had safe Journey. You are a blessing to the Ugandans especially to Pallisa. I am very Happy for the Motor Cycle because its an answer to my prayers. This will help me to easy some village missions. Thanks you so much and God bless you.

I see the hand and the answer of God in the vision of making people to read their bible. Many people are challenged and are already in gear to read their bibles. The message is spreading very rapidly and there are many invitations for the bible challenge and many are memorizing the verses. Meanwhile looking around if those people of bible society have bibles in stock to purchase more because there is need for bible as many people are ready to memorise the bible verses . I promise to be faithful and accountable, to  run with the vision by Gods grace.

I assure you this vision is from God and its very great. So Bob I encourage us to pray for many people are touched and there is great change as many are seeing the importance of findings and reading their bibles. Ephesians 4:6

Greetings to Marshell, Mammy and all the rest, God bless.

Happy New Year.

Pastor Geoffrey Oumo.


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