#11 June email “Visions of Uganda”


I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful Saturday back home.  We had a relaxing day at the guesthouse.  I learned how to wash clothes by hand today.  I asked Fred if he would teach me last week, but he said most Americans couldn’t handle it.  He was right!!!  That is hard work!  But, I learned and the woman said I was a good student.  She got stains out of clothes that my washing machine never could!!!  Pretty exciting!

I tried to get some pictures and videos together for you today.  Now that I’m going through them… they don’t all convey even a fraction of what we are trying to do here.  Most of it was just me playing around and acting like a tourist.  I guess I don’t have videos of the other stuff because we were too busy working… I don’t know.  What I do know is that I will try to be better at documenting from now on.  I promise!!!

But, I did upload a few videos to youtube if you want to check them out.  The first video is of some adorable kids in Namaske.  They were all very excited to see a video camera.  I would video them and then play it back for them.  They loved it!!!  The second video is us driving to Severe in rural Uganda.  It isn’t very interesting, but it gives you a feel of what a little town is like.  The third is of us driving right outside Kampala (the capital).  And, the fourth is of a fruit and vegetable stand.  They have these all along the roads.  The fruit and vegetables here are DELICIOUS!!!

Sorry this isn’t a very detailed email.  I hope the videos will make up for it.  Tomorrow we are going to Godfrey and Didas’ church.  We went there last Sunday and I felt the message was just for me.  Don’t you love it when that happens??  So, I’m definitely looking forward to the service, fellowship and playing Bible challenge with the congregation after lunch.

I love you all and count my blessings for you!  We are on our last leg here in Uganda.  Please join me in praying for us to be useful to the Kingdom!  LOVES!!!!!!




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