#12 June email “Why?”


My goodness… today has been an incredible day.  Church today was just lovely.  The children’s Sunday school presented a special program.  (Videos attached below… and, yes, you are welcome)  Pastor Eddie’s sermon was on faithfulness.  He raised questions that I don’t ask often enough…  Then we went back to Didas’ house and ate a huge Sunday lunch.  We napped during an afternoon thunderstorm and then headed back to church for Bible Challenge!!!!

We made ourselves comfortable at Didas’ house.  (Comfortable enough to nap in the living room)  And the more at home we were, the happier they were.  This raised a question in my brain.  Why?  Why are they so willing to really live out “Mi casa es su casa?”  (No… I never took Spanish, so back up!)  Then, they proved the philosophy even further.  We hung out with their adorable kids Precious (2 ½), Reuben (5) and Prosper (6).  While relaxing, we found out that Reuben wasn’t even their kid.  You could have fooled me!!!  He belongs to a pastor who lives over 200km away.  The dad doesn’t have enough money for school fees, so Didas and Eve took him into their family.  Can you believe that???  Reuben goes home on holidays, but that’s it.  Then we found out that Eve sponsors five other kids to go to school!!

How?  And, not just the logistics… they don’t have much and what they do have, they give to others.  But, how do they have that spirit of generosity?  I’m just struck with the saddening thought that this sort of thing is virtually unheard of in America.  Why?  Too much?  Selfishness?  Lack of wisdom?  Lack of experiencing other cultures?  Sin?  All I know is that we are the body (1 Corinthians 12:27) and I think we are sick.  And… I don’t write all of this to condemn.  I’m just BLOWN AWAY by a people who have so little.  It was the same in Costa Rica.   How is it that people who have so little can (and do) give so much more than we even think of giving?  Think it could be because we don’t give?  Think we aren’t blessed because we don’t extend blessings?  Because we hoard our blessings?  Because we store up our treasures here on earth?

Those are all real questions I’m asking.  My view of life is being challenged.  The things I thought were important are falling to the wayside.  My reason for living is shifting.  My priorities are rearranging.  My perspective is changing.  My heart is breaking only to become bigger.

After our nap, we went to church and played Bible challenge.  I counted thirty-six people ready and willing to be challenged in the Word.  It was a great time.  This way of encouraging people to read their Bibles seems to be both encouraging and productive.  When we (Lord willing) come back in December, I expect the number to double and everyone have spent much more time with God.  (I know I will!!!!)  It really was a beautiful thing to see people really wrestling with questions and digging into the Word to check answers.  They were all very knowledgeable and it was great for the pastors to know who is in the Word and who needs extra encouragement.   Plus it was fun and four people went home with cash!!!

As Didas drove us home, he told us more about Reuben and the kids Eve sponsors.   He told us that Eve is in the process of trying to open an orphanage.  Are you kidding me???  (I became overwhelmed and quiet… trying to process.)  These people have so little.  We are trying to do what we can… encourage them to spend time with God (first and foremost), find water, concrete school floors, help the sick, educate, facilitate buying trucks, encourage and give financially… but it seems the more you help, the more you see the need!  It was too much…  I was on the verge of tears when I got back to the guest house.  Then I read an email… from my friend who is buying the truck for Pastor James.  She said she brought it up to her church and they want to help.  And, not just that, they want to give annually!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How great is God?????  So, while I was getting overwhelmed with how great the need was, God was preparing a HUGE blessing!  Walking in obedience is such a beautiful thing, no matter how flawed I am!

So, I shared all of that to say that we serve an infinitely merciful and gracious God.  I’m humbled that He has decided to use us to make a tiny difference here in Uganda.

Thank you for your prayers.  Thank you for your love.  I feel both wrap around me each day.

Tomorrow is my last full day with Dad.  We’ll be spending it with Henry M. making MMS and strategizing our next steps in the MMS ministry here.  (I haven’t said much about it, but it’s going really well!!!!  Poisoning is really bad here… Our friend Moses, the man in Namaseke with the school with jiggers…  His sister was poisoned last night.  He took her MMS and she was feeling well today.)  I’ve read a lot (well, I’ve listened while Dad read) and I’m excited to see what God will do.

I could write more, but understand that most of you didn’t even read to this sentence.  J  That’s fine… I completely understand.  But, please know that I’m overflowing with love and am EXTREMELY honored that you would consider walking alongside me.  Honored.  Really.




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