#10 June email “First Fruits”


Today was a day of firsts.  I ate fresh sugar cane for the first time, got lost in the bush with my dad, went car shopping in Kampala., got my first African sunburn, shopped in my first African supermarket and heard my first Boys II Men song in an African supermarket.  Today was a great day!

Yesterday we headed back to the guest house from Hoima.  We wrapped up the school of evangelism in the morning, had lunch and then hit the road.  That four-day-long class was fantastic.  (If anyone would like to hear about I learned, hit me up when I get home)  I met some wonderful people while I was there and learned just how desperate for Jesus I truly am.  Pretty great.

I’m not sure if you remember Pastor James from Serere about a week ago, but he’s the one who sold his truck to pay school fees.  Well, one of the incredibly generous hearts on this email list replied by asking me to aid in the transaction of her buying Pastor James a truck.  Praise God!!!!  So, Dad and I have been happily researching trucks online.  And today we hit the car lots.  Whew!  It was a hot and sunny day, but we got a better idea of what a good price will be.  Prayers would be much appreciated for an easy transaction and that all parties will be satisfied with the outcome.

Many ideas and opportunities are coming up… please pray with us for wisdom.  God is uniting my heart with my dad’s for Uganda.  We are getting a super exciting vision for ministry here.  Our passion is building each day.  We just want to make sure that our mission is God’s mission.  So, if you would please pray with us, I would appreciate it so much.  Once we are confident these ideas are His will, you know you will be the first to know.  J

Dad and I have been researching children’s ministry resources for the little cuties in Pallisa.  During this process, he called the PEF (Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship) office.   They told Dad that Archie Shelor died a few hours earlier.  Mr. Shelor was an amazing  91 year-old- man.  My dad went on to share many stories about Archie.  He said that if it weren’t for Archie, we wouldn’t be here in Uganda.  It was Archie’s love for the Ugandan people who sparked Dad’s love.  Dad called Archie the greatest giver in the modern church.  He is not sad that Archie died because he is positive he’s rejoicing with Jesus right now.  Many of the great Ugandan leaders we are serving with were brought to the feet of Jesus by Mr. Shelor.  He went without so that these people could have a tiny sense of having something.  I am inspired to see how this one man touched so many lives.  He lived like this world was not his home; he stored up his treasures in Heaven.  I am touched to see how humbled my dad is by this man’s life and am thankful for Mr. Shelor’s heart.  So, tonight my prayer will be a prayer of thanksgiving for a man who gave like his life depended on it.  Because of his generosity and love for God, I am serving in Uganda with my dad and Mr. Shelor’s spiritual sons.  God is so good!!!

I hope you are all having a lovely Friday afternoon.  May God bless you today.  He has and is blessing me richly.  But, I will say, my hands are open to receive these amazing blessings.  Pretty remarkable how that happens… strip away all the distractions and false comforts, greet each day by spending meaningful time with your Creator and you’ve got yourself a recipe for seriously satisfying life.

Again, thank you.  I know you are praying for me and my heart opens with each prayer you send up.  God is blessing me with a love that I think will keep me giving to Uganda for the rest of my life.  I’m so incredibly thankful.

I love you all and can’t wait to see what He has in store for us tomorrow!!!!

Undeniably His,



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