#2 June email “Hi”


I want to write you before I leave for a few days.  I will be going to Palissa with my father, where he went earlier this year.  God is doing some amazing things, of course, but He’s working in a way I didn’t expect.  Last night, the head of the school of evangelism, Henry Krabbendam, said I was going to be a part of his team and head to Mecindi (I’m sure I butchered that).  My father was very supportive and said I would learn a lot.  Before bed, I asked how I should pack.  My dad told me I’d be gone for two weeks.  I said okay and quietly went to my room.  Once I shut the door I began to weep.  I did not expect this…  I cried for thirty minutes in the dark while everyone was still fellowshiping.  I prayed… oh, I prayed.  I want to be obedient and who better to know His will than Dr. K and my dad, but why the unrest?

So, I swallowed my fear and called my dad.  I told him I was afraid I came to Africa with different intentions than I should.  I shared with him that I want to be obedient and useful to the kingdom, but I want to spend time with him.  For those of you who think this sounds strange… My mother and father divorced when I was in kindergarten.  He and I were estranged for twenty years.  We are still trying to learn each other.  The idea of serving our Heavenly Father with my earthly father has been tangible proof that God has done great things and completely changed hearts.  Long story short… I was afraid God’s will was not mine, but now I see He’s more creative than I give Him credit.  Of course the redemption of my relationship with my father will bring God glory!!!!  I felt like a little girl again wanting the acceptance of her father.  And, now, I see NO shame in that because it’s truth.

I say all of this because it is most definitely part of our journey.


I have to go now… sorry I can’t wrap this up.


Love you all!





#1 June email “Hello from Africa!”

Hello my beautiful family!  I am so excited to say, that after two full days of travel, I have arrived in Uganda!!!  It’s even more beautiful than I imagined.  The people here are just lovely.

My dad and Fred met picked me up from the airport and we drove about twenty minutes to where I am now.  I am somewhere between Entebbe and Kampala.  I will be staying here with Dad, Henry, Henry’s grandsons, and quite a few other gentlemen.  They are all very sweet and accommodating.  Right now, they have all gone to church, so I’m about to get my first shower in a couple days and rest.  Dad has informed me that if I don’t rest now, I won’t.  He says this is about to be a complete whirlwind.  One of the men has already offered Dad MANY cows for me to be his second wife!  HA!  So, you can tell I’m surrounded by men who have great senses of humor and love God.  That’s the perfect combination!!!

I would write more, but I’m dirty and exhausted.  I just wanted you all to know that I’m here safely and loving it already.  Thank you for your prayers.  They have brought me safely here and given me beautiful encounters with people so far.  I wish you could all be here with me now.  Words cannot express the love and gratitude I feel for each one of you.  I love you all and will write more when I get a chance.


So thankful for grace,


Why are these old posts?

The first twenty or so posts will be the emails I sent while in Uganda.  This was my way of processing what I was experiencing and what God was doing.  I was extremely blessed to have a network of people who cared enough to go on this journey with me.

To them, I am forever grateful.  They are the reason I wrote and it was an incredible blessing.

Thank you.

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