#12 June email “Why?”


My goodness… today has been an incredible day.  Church today was just lovely.  The children’s Sunday school presented a special program.  (Videos attached below… and, yes, you are welcome)  Pastor Eddie’s sermon was on faithfulness.  He raised questions that I don’t ask often enough…  Then we went back to Didas’ house and ate a huge Sunday lunch.  We napped during an afternoon thunderstorm and then headed back to church for Bible Challenge!!!!

We made ourselves comfortable at Didas’ house.  (Comfortable enough to nap in the living room)  And the more at home we were, the happier they were.  This raised a question in my brain.  Why?  Why are they so willing to really live out “Mi casa es su casa?”  (No… I never took Spanish, so back up!)  Then, they proved the philosophy even further.  We hung out with their adorable kids Precious (2 ½), Reuben (5) and Prosper (6).  While relaxing, we found out that Reuben wasn’t even their kid.  You could have fooled me!!!  He belongs to a pastor who lives over 200km away.  The dad doesn’t have enough money for school fees, so Didas and Eve took him into their family.  Can you believe that???  Reuben goes home on holidays, but that’s it.  Then we found out that Eve sponsors five other kids to go to school!!

How?  And, not just the logistics… they don’t have much and what they do have, they give to others.  But, how do they have that spirit of generosity?  I’m just struck with the saddening thought that this sort of thing is virtually unheard of in America.  Why?  Too much?  Selfishness?  Lack of wisdom?  Lack of experiencing other cultures?  Sin?  All I know is that we are the body (1 Corinthians 12:27) and I think we are sick.  And… I don’t write all of this to condemn.  I’m just BLOWN AWAY by a people who have so little.  It was the same in Costa Rica.   How is it that people who have so little can (and do) give so much more than we even think of giving?  Think it could be because we don’t give?  Think we aren’t blessed because we don’t extend blessings?  Because we hoard our blessings?  Because we store up our treasures here on earth?

Those are all real questions I’m asking.  My view of life is being challenged.  The things I thought were important are falling to the wayside.  My reason for living is shifting.  My priorities are rearranging.  My perspective is changing.  My heart is breaking only to become bigger.

After our nap, we went to church and played Bible challenge.  I counted thirty-six people ready and willing to be challenged in the Word.  It was a great time.  This way of encouraging people to read their Bibles seems to be both encouraging and productive.  When we (Lord willing) come back in December, I expect the number to double and everyone have spent much more time with God.  (I know I will!!!!)  It really was a beautiful thing to see people really wrestling with questions and digging into the Word to check answers.  They were all very knowledgeable and it was great for the pastors to know who is in the Word and who needs extra encouragement.   Plus it was fun and four people went home with cash!!!

As Didas drove us home, he told us more about Reuben and the kids Eve sponsors.   He told us that Eve is in the process of trying to open an orphanage.  Are you kidding me???  (I became overwhelmed and quiet… trying to process.)  These people have so little.  We are trying to do what we can… encourage them to spend time with God (first and foremost), find water, concrete school floors, help the sick, educate, facilitate buying trucks, encourage and give financially… but it seems the more you help, the more you see the need!  It was too much…  I was on the verge of tears when I got back to the guest house.  Then I read an email… from my friend who is buying the truck for Pastor James.  She said she brought it up to her church and they want to help.  And, not just that, they want to give annually!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How great is God?????  So, while I was getting overwhelmed with how great the need was, God was preparing a HUGE blessing!  Walking in obedience is such a beautiful thing, no matter how flawed I am!

So, I shared all of that to say that we serve an infinitely merciful and gracious God.  I’m humbled that He has decided to use us to make a tiny difference here in Uganda.

Thank you for your prayers.  Thank you for your love.  I feel both wrap around me each day.

Tomorrow is my last full day with Dad.  We’ll be spending it with Henry M. making MMS and strategizing our next steps in the MMS ministry here.  (I haven’t said much about it, but it’s going really well!!!!  Poisoning is really bad here… Our friend Moses, the man in Namaseke with the school with jiggers…  His sister was poisoned last night.  He took her MMS and she was feeling well today.)  I’ve read a lot (well, I’ve listened while Dad read) and I’m excited to see what God will do.

I could write more, but understand that most of you didn’t even read to this sentence.  J  That’s fine… I completely understand.  But, please know that I’m overflowing with love and am EXTREMELY honored that you would consider walking alongside me.  Honored.  Really.




#11 June email “Visions of Uganda”


I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful Saturday back home.  We had a relaxing day at the guesthouse.  I learned how to wash clothes by hand today.  I asked Fred if he would teach me last week, but he said most Americans couldn’t handle it.  He was right!!!  That is hard work!  But, I learned and the woman said I was a good student.  She got stains out of clothes that my washing machine never could!!!  Pretty exciting!

I tried to get some pictures and videos together for you today.  Now that I’m going through them… they don’t all convey even a fraction of what we are trying to do here.  Most of it was just me playing around and acting like a tourist.  I guess I don’t have videos of the other stuff because we were too busy working… I don’t know.  What I do know is that I will try to be better at documenting from now on.  I promise!!!

But, I did upload a few videos to youtube if you want to check them out.  The first video is of some adorable kids in Namaske.  They were all very excited to see a video camera.  I would video them and then play it back for them.  They loved it!!!  The second video is us driving to Severe in rural Uganda.  It isn’t very interesting, but it gives you a feel of what a little town is like.  The third is of us driving right outside Kampala (the capital).  And, the fourth is of a fruit and vegetable stand.  They have these all along the roads.  The fruit and vegetables here are DELICIOUS!!!

Sorry this isn’t a very detailed email.  I hope the videos will make up for it.  Tomorrow we are going to Godfrey and Didas’ church.  We went there last Sunday and I felt the message was just for me.  Don’t you love it when that happens??  So, I’m definitely looking forward to the service, fellowship and playing Bible challenge with the congregation after lunch.

I love you all and count my blessings for you!  We are on our last leg here in Uganda.  Please join me in praying for us to be useful to the Kingdom!  LOVES!!!!!!



#10 June email “First Fruits”


Today was a day of firsts.  I ate fresh sugar cane for the first time, got lost in the bush with my dad, went car shopping in Kampala., got my first African sunburn, shopped in my first African supermarket and heard my first Boys II Men song in an African supermarket.  Today was a great day!

Yesterday we headed back to the guest house from Hoima.  We wrapped up the school of evangelism in the morning, had lunch and then hit the road.  That four-day-long class was fantastic.  (If anyone would like to hear about I learned, hit me up when I get home)  I met some wonderful people while I was there and learned just how desperate for Jesus I truly am.  Pretty great.

I’m not sure if you remember Pastor James from Serere about a week ago, but he’s the one who sold his truck to pay school fees.  Well, one of the incredibly generous hearts on this email list replied by asking me to aid in the transaction of her buying Pastor James a truck.  Praise God!!!!  So, Dad and I have been happily researching trucks online.  And today we hit the car lots.  Whew!  It was a hot and sunny day, but we got a better idea of what a good price will be.  Prayers would be much appreciated for an easy transaction and that all parties will be satisfied with the outcome.

Many ideas and opportunities are coming up… please pray with us for wisdom.  God is uniting my heart with my dad’s for Uganda.  We are getting a super exciting vision for ministry here.  Our passion is building each day.  We just want to make sure that our mission is God’s mission.  So, if you would please pray with us, I would appreciate it so much.  Once we are confident these ideas are His will, you know you will be the first to know.  J

Dad and I have been researching children’s ministry resources for the little cuties in Pallisa.  During this process, he called the PEF (Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship) office.   They told Dad that Archie Shelor died a few hours earlier.  Mr. Shelor was an amazing  91 year-old- man.  My dad went on to share many stories about Archie.  He said that if it weren’t for Archie, we wouldn’t be here in Uganda.  It was Archie’s love for the Ugandan people who sparked Dad’s love.  Dad called Archie the greatest giver in the modern church.  He is not sad that Archie died because he is positive he’s rejoicing with Jesus right now.  Many of the great Ugandan leaders we are serving with were brought to the feet of Jesus by Mr. Shelor.  He went without so that these people could have a tiny sense of having something.  I am inspired to see how this one man touched so many lives.  He lived like this world was not his home; he stored up his treasures in Heaven.  I am touched to see how humbled my dad is by this man’s life and am thankful for Mr. Shelor’s heart.  So, tonight my prayer will be a prayer of thanksgiving for a man who gave like his life depended on it.  Because of his generosity and love for God, I am serving in Uganda with my dad and Mr. Shelor’s spiritual sons.  God is so good!!!

I hope you are all having a lovely Friday afternoon.  May God bless you today.  He has and is blessing me richly.  But, I will say, my hands are open to receive these amazing blessings.  Pretty remarkable how that happens… strip away all the distractions and false comforts, greet each day by spending meaningful time with your Creator and you’ve got yourself a recipe for seriously satisfying life.

Again, thank you.  I know you are praying for me and my heart opens with each prayer you send up.  God is blessing me with a love that I think will keep me giving to Uganda for the rest of my life.  I’m so incredibly thankful.

I love you all and can’t wait to see what He has in store for us tomorrow!!!!

Undeniably His,


#9 June email “The Gift of Relationship”


Today was my second day in the school of evangelism.  It was great.  The first session was on Biblical church structure and the second was Dr. K showing his evangelism techniques.  I was blessed with spending time in class and some time with John Mark, a ten-month-old Ugandan boy who was content in my arms.  It made me miss my baby nephew, Gabe, so much.

After lunch, Dr. K, Pastor Joseph, Pastor James, Dr. K’s two grandsons and I went to the prison.  We were greeted by the prisoners with songs of praise.  The prison has 152 inmates.  Most are men.  I only met six women.  On our way in, they were asking if I would be allowed to go inside.  The guard said that it would be no problem and I could speak with the women separately.  I felt incredibly humbled, inadequate and not prepared.  Once we were inside, Dr. K presented the Gospel.  He spoke in English.  Pastor James translated it into Lugandan.  And one of the inmates translated the Lugandan to Swaheeli.  (I’m sure I butchered both of those spellings… forgive me)  About twenty minutes into his presentation, the women arrived.  There were six of them and one had a young daughter.  My heart sank.  I had a hard time not staring at the little girl for the hour we were there.  Toward the end of the presentation, Dr. K asked if anyone was ready to surrender to Jesus.  One raised his hand.  But, within about a minute, almost the entire place stood up and prayed.

Four of the women were receptive to the Gospel today.  My heart wanted to stay right there with them and spend time with them.  Get to know them.  Know their stories.  Know their struggles.  I asked the Pastor if I could come back tomorrow and spend time with them and he told me now was my time.  So, I went over and greeted them as I sat on the ground.  I asked how long they had been there.  It ranged from three weeks to a year.  I asked the woman with the little girl how long she had been there.  She said it had been three months.  I inquired about her daughter and found out she was a little over a year old and stays in the prison with her.  I could see the shame in her face as she looked away.  I tried to share that life is difficult.  It is so hard with Jesus, I couldn’t imagine without him.  Just about that time… the pastor came over and told me I had to leave.

It took everything I had to hold my tears until I was back in my room at the hotel.  How can we preach the Gospel without relationship????  How can we, in good conscience, share the good news of a personal relationship with our Savior WITHOUT walking alongside people.  Evangelism without discipleship is sad.  I wanted to convey to these women that this isn’t a magic prayer.  Jesus isn’t a band aid to what is wrong in your life.  This is the beginning (hopefully) of the most beautiful relationship they will ever have the honor and privilege of being a part of.  How do you grow that relationship???  You spend time with Jesus.  How do you do that???  You read the Bible.

I know I’ve talked a lot about my dad in these emails, but he’s a HUGE part of this journey.  This is the most time we’ve spent together since I was six years old.  During those twenty-four years or so… I wasn’t his biggest fan.  I didn’t know him that well.  We didn’t spend time together.  But, here in Uganda, we share meals, car rides, hotel rooms, prayers, stories, jokes and naps.  We are becoming intimately acquainted.  It is a beautiful thing.  I am so thankful for this time together.  The more time we spend together, the more I love him.  The more I love him, the more time I want to spend with him.

It is the same with God.  How will we ever love Him rightly if we don’t spend time with Him?  How will we ever want to spend time with Him if we don’t read our Bibles?  How can we tell others that He is THE God, if we aren’t intimately acquainted with Him?  I left that prison today yearning to tell the women, who were receptive to the Gospel, to read their Bibles.  That is their only hope. That is our only hope.

My eyes are continuing to be opened wider and wider.  My relationship with our Father is getting deeper and deeper.  My heart is getting bigger and bigger.

Thank you so incredibly much for coming along this journey with me.  Your words of encouragement are beautiful gifts.  Some of you have been sharing your spirit of generosity with the Ugandan people and I know you will be blessed.  I pray that our hearts will grow closer to Him and each other as we continue this work together.  God is good… all the time.

But whatever gain I had, I counted as loss for the sake of Christ. 8Indeed, I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake I have suffered the loss of all things and count them as rubbish, in order that I may gain Christ 9and be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but that which comes through faith in Christ, the righteousness from God that depends on faith— 10 that I may know him and the power of his resurrection, and may share his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, 11that by any means possible I may attain the resurrection from the dead.  Philippians 3: 7-11

Thankfully His,



#8 June email “Hoima, here I come!”


I’m about to embark on another leg of this beautifully amazing journey.  We leave for Hoima at 5:00 in the morning.  My dad may or may not be going with me, but this time I have peace.  Our time together this week has been so precious… words can’t even express.  I will be fully immersed in a school of evangelism all week.  I’m very excited!  My view of the gospel is about to expand and I couldn’t be any more excited about that!

A few questions and concerns were raised about my last email.  I NEVER wanted to come across as an infomercial begging for money from you.  I HOPE you all know me well enough to know that I’ve become invested in these people.  Their hearts.  Their families.  Their lives.  I was completely floored to see how basic their needs are and how easily it would be for people to help.  So, let me clarify what I was trying to convey…

The ministry we are focusing on in Pallisa is impressing the importance of the Word of God.  We’ve given a projector and tons of McArthur sermons to help provide sound teaching to the pastors.  We took them 220 Bibles and glasses.  If ANYONE memorizes the thirty-two verses, they get a brand new Bible.  We are also helping them learn to locate water.  If they know where the water is, they won’t waste their money and efforts digging wells where there is no water.  So, in Pallisa we are focusing on The Word and water.  Neither could we live without.

Namaseke is a very little village in the mountains of Uganda.  It is very remote and beautiful.  We definitely want to impress the importance of The Word, but when kids are dying from fleas… that sort of takes precedence.  The totals I gave in the last email were either one time needs or yearly.  I’m just going to list them in order of priority.
1.  Toilets at school – $1500 (one time)
2.  Concrete floor – $2500 (one time)  (those jiggers are no joke… Dad and I were both eaten up after only spending  forty-five minutes.  That was two days ago and we’re still battling these bites!)
3.  Teacher pay for six teachers – $2700 (yearly)
4.  Public toilet for village – $300 (one time)
5.  Another water well – $2500 (one time)

I know these past two emails have been a little different from my first few.  But, this is part of the journey too.  I would not be able to live with myself if I didn’t share with you the extent of the need.  These people are amazingly generous with what they do have and I’m learning so much.

I love you all and am humbled that you even care to be a part of this journey with me.  Without your support (however you are supporting me), I would not be here to report back to you.  My life is changing with every passing day.  Church today was amazing.  Pastor Eddie preached on obedience.  I needed that.

So, I need to go pack and get some sleep… 3:30 is going to come super early.  So, school of evangelism this week and I get to help teach little ones next week!!!  God is great!  Never did I think I would be here and enjoying truth like I am.  Whew!  This past week has been a wild ride.  Thank you again for your love and prayers.  I love you all so incredibly much!!!




#7 June email “Thank you sprained ankle!”


Greetings from Uganda, God’s country!  I must thank you for your prayers.  My ankle and leg are feeling a little better today.  I have had it iced and elevated since it happened.  My brothers here continue to tell me to take it easy and they are all very eager to help me.

Ever since September, I’ve felt God drawing me to rest in Him.  I, unfortunately, would rather busy myself with the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Some of you know that the month leading up to this trip was an incredible time of unrest.  So, even here in Uganda I have turned a stiff arm to God.  And, in His faithfulness, He stopped me dead in my tracks.  BAM!  Take that sprained ankle!  Now, I have no choice but to rest.  He’s so wonderful to put things in perspective for me.  And, He is so creative to show me how I can trust Him.  During these two days, my father has babied me like nobody’s business!  I have never been babied by my father.  (Other than when I was an actual baby.)  He is demonstrating that I can rest and my Father will surpass my need.  I am incredibly thankful for this, because during this time I’ve been confronted with some tough truth.  And, I’m in the right mindset to accept it.

During this time of rest, I’ve been able to really reflect on the work we are trying to do here.  We are focusing on Pallisa, a town, and Namaseke, a village.  In Pallisa, we are focusing on education, education of the importance of the Word of God.  Dad is working with Pastor Jeffrey there to encourage other pastors to read the Bible and, in turn, encourage their congregations.  We are also equipping people in the town the knowledge of how to find water.  Then, they will be able to provide income for their families and help their people find water to dig wells.

Namaseke is the village where Dad built the school twenty years ago.  His building has since become a public school and Moses has built a Christian school.  The needs of this village are the same of Pallisa with very specific focus on proper toilets at school ($1500), flooring in school ($2500), salaries for six teachers ($2700), a public toilet ($300) and another well ($2500).

At first glance, this may seem like a huge undertaking, but this is a drop in the bucket.  We are prioritizing needs, not wants.  And, the beauty of it all, is if you saw the people’s spirit… you would have no idea the need was so great.  Their love and generosity far surpasses anyone I’ve come in contact with.  They have taught me that I am poor in spirit.  I have so much more to learn and I’m so looking forward to the next two weeks.

Thank you for your continued prayers.  This has been an eye-opening experience and I know God has even more in store.  I already feel called to come back again and work with women and children.  I am so excited to see what the Lord has up His sleeve for that visit.  We serve an infinitely great God and I’m humbled to be a part of His work.



#6 June email “Watch Your Step!”

So, this morning after devotional, prayer and breakfast, I went to the school down the road with Brandon.  Brandon has been counseling the kids there and I thought I would tag along today.   As we walked down the very steep hill, Brandon told me about his girlfriend Lisa Michelle and his hopes to marry her one day.  When we entered the campus, he showed me the girls’ dormitory and other buildings.  While walking down another steep hill, I fell and sprained my ankle!  I hopped back up, but quickly realized that I could not walk.  UGH… I have sprained my ankle and possibly my calf muscle (if that’s possible).  My knee is not too happy either.  Go big or go home!!!!

Anyway, a lovely little girl named Priscilla came to keep me company.  She is thirteen and in Secondary 1 (S1), which I THINK is equivalent to our 8th grade.  Before I knew it, four other little girls joined her and we became fast friends.  We talked for about an hour about everything:  The U.S., Uganda, models, dances, family, careers, etc.  They invited me to their talent show tomorrow night!!!  They want me to bring pictures of my family and friends, so I’m about to get a slide show together of all of you.  Because you do know that I would not be here if it weren’t for your prayers!!!!

I am incredibly thankful for this blessing in disguise.  If it weren’t for my misstep, I would not have had the honor of becoming friends with these young ladies.  But, I would appreciate your prayers for healing.  I’m supposed to go to Hoima all next week.  We will be doing evangelism and I don’t think I’m gifted enough for everyone to flock to me…

I love you all and count you as the many blessings God has given me.  I am praising God more and more with each passing hour.  I am honored to count you as my brothers and sisters.




#5 June email “Lovely… plain and simple”


Today was the biggest eye-opening experience yet.  We went to Namaseke where my dad built the school back in 1991 and visited there for a couple hours.  Moses is the pastor and he started a school there for the kids in village.  This village is high up in the mountains (amazingly beautiful drive), but it’s a difficult drive.  If it rains, you don’t get up or down.

Anyway, Moses showed us around the village (well, showed me, Dad had already seen everything).  He showed me the well Dad helped with in February, where they used to go to get water (WHEW!), and the school Dad built with Godfrey.  Since 1991, the government has taken over the building that Dad built.

After we ate our deliciously fresh pineapple, Moses took us to his present school building.  We met with the students and teachers.  They were all lovely, of course.  But, today was the first time the need of the people was so in my face.  They have dirt floors in these buildings and fleas are an issue.  The fleas are making the kids sick and because of the remoteness of the village and poverty, many people are dying.

Moses shared with us the needs of his people.  They need to finish the school building, which $4000 would totally do.  THEN, he shared that some of the parents can’t pay their student’s school fees.  School fees include EDUCATION, uniforms and TWO meals a day.  All of that for a whopping $50 a year!!!  I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what I waste $50 on each month.  Man…

You know, I have watched the commercials since I was a little girl.  I’ve seen the pictures and videos of the kids in Africa that need food, water and education.  I’ve even changed the channel NUMEROUS times because it made me uncomfortable.  But now… I’ve held hands with those kids.  I’ve laughed with them.  I’ve played with them.  African poverty is no longer an abstract idea.  It is no longer something that does not touch my life.

I wish I could share with you the beauty of these kids.  You just look at them and your heart melts.  I plan on coming back in December with the focus of working closely with children’s ministry.  I was not prepared for the love of these kids.  They flock to me.  I know it is mostly because I’m white and mostly because I’m as fascinated with them as they are me, but there is something special there.  There is a kindred spirit that I absolutely cannot put into words.  The kids here are just lovely.  (I simply cannot stop saying that word… it is the best word to describe Uganda and its people)

Beauty is being shown to me in ways I never would have expected.  Ten years ago I would have told you you were crazy if you said I would fall in love with Africa.  This is a perfect example of God changing hearts.  This love does not come from me… there is no way.  Selfish me wants to spend my summer doing what I want to do, not being confronted with poverty and beautiful, undeserving people dying.  But, this is the journey God has given me and I am so grateful for His faithfulness and grace.  God is good… all the time.

I love you all.




#4 June email “Mazi and Ugandan Roads”

Day three here in Pallisa was a little different than what I had expected.  But, one thing I’ve learned about mission trips… be flexible or be totally frustrated!!!  We went to Serere, which we were told was an hour away.  Two and a half hours later and more red dust than I know what to do with, we were at Pastor James’ house.  He just had to sell his truck to be able to pay for student fees.  He and his wife have adopted five kids to insure they are able to get an education (and that’s on top of the five kids he has already).  AND… He offered to give me some land to build a hut!!!  (The people here are so lovely, generous and genuine)  He was a wonderful  man who wanted to show us all around his town.  We were locating water at his house and then he wanted to take us to the farms.  They do research on cotton, finger millet, sesame seeds and peanuts.  (They call peanuts Gnuts and it makes me SO HAPPY)  He showed us around 500 acres and took us to his village where he grew up.  We were the first muzungos (honkies) to ever visit his village.  All the kids were SO excited!!!!  I feel like a rock star over here.  🙂  We located water in quite a few different places.  350 different families share ONE well.  Most of them travel over three miles to get water.  So, God willing, James will be able to dig a well that is centrally located.

On our way back to Pallisa, Didas let me drive!!!  It was crazy!  First, I had to drive on left side of the road and it was a super-bumpy, pot-holed, dirt road.  Dad said it would be a great evangelism tool… which means it would make everyone cry out to God.  Ha!  It was good stuff!  But, we came back safe and sound!

Tonight we set up the projector and played Passion of the Christ for over 100 people.  I had to leave because that movie makes me squall and I need to keep up my reputation!

We leave tomorrow to head back to Entebbe.  It will be a days’ journey.  We’ll stop off in Namasike, help locate some water and meet with people who have AIDS with the goal of giving them hope and medicine.  We are meeting Dad’s friend, Moses, who has come to the states a few years ago.  We’ll check on the well they built in February and also check on the school Dad helped build there in 1991.

I am very excited to meet new brothers and sisters tomorrow.  (Everyone here gets it… they call each other “brother”, “sister” or “dear”  I SO wish everyone could experience the people.  They are by far the most beautiful people I’ve ever encountered)  God is so good to show me so much this week!  I love you all and can’t wait to give you hugs in person!




#3 June email “Day 2 in Pallisa”

Today was an amazing day!!!  We went to the school and met with pastors from all over Pallisa, surrounding towns and districts.  We played Bible trivia with them and then distributed Bibles.  The main focus was The Word.  How will their congregations learn to love the Word if they don’t spend time in it?  What was supposed to be a thirty-minute meeting, became a three and a half hour meeting.  It was GLORIOUS!!!!  God was made much of this morning!!!  The people were chomping at the bit to share verses they had memorized and to share their love for God and one another.

I’ll tell you what, this culture can teach us SO much about loving God and others.  They are so gentle and loving with everything they do!  They truly live the fact that we are brothers and sisters.  I met so many people today that I KNOW are praying for me and I for them.  And the way these people pray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s amazing.  They all pray at once, which I would have thought would kind of freak me out, but today just made me cry.  Their passion… how they called out to God was amazing.  We may be able to help monetarily and such, but these people can teach us SO MUCH about loving and honoring the King of Kings.

Tomorrow we will be working on the mazi (water) side of things.  We’ll be locating underwater streams and hope to meet with some people who are responsible for drilling.  Just going where the Spirit leads… can’t wait to share what He has in store for us tomorrow!

I love you all and wish I could articulate better how amazing Uganda is!!!  I have not come across one negative part yet!  It’s not that hot.  The mosquitoes are worse in Alabama.  I haven’t had to wear much sunscreen and I’m getting a nice golden tint.  Plus…My hair loves it here.  🙂  The only thing is that when I see a goat… there is a very good possibility that it will be my lunch tomorrow.  Other than that, this may be my favorite place on earth!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying this beautiful day the Lord has given us.  May you be blessed and bring Him glory!



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