#4 June email “Mazi and Ugandan Roads”

Day three here in Pallisa was a little different than what I had expected.  But, one thing I’ve learned about mission trips… be flexible or be totally frustrated!!!  We went to Serere, which we were told was an hour away.  Two and a half hours later and more red dust than I know what to do with, we were at Pastor James’ house.  He just had to sell his truck to be able to pay for student fees.  He and his wife have adopted five kids to insure they are able to get an education (and that’s on top of the five kids he has already).  AND… He offered to give me some land to build a hut!!!  (The people here are so lovely, generous and genuine)  He was a wonderful  man who wanted to show us all around his town.  We were locating water at his house and then he wanted to take us to the farms.  They do research on cotton, finger millet, sesame seeds and peanuts.  (They call peanuts Gnuts and it makes me SO HAPPY)  He showed us around 500 acres and took us to his village where he grew up.  We were the first muzungos (honkies) to ever visit his village.  All the kids were SO excited!!!!  I feel like a rock star over here.  🙂  We located water in quite a few different places.  350 different families share ONE well.  Most of them travel over three miles to get water.  So, God willing, James will be able to dig a well that is centrally located.

On our way back to Pallisa, Didas let me drive!!!  It was crazy!  First, I had to drive on left side of the road and it was a super-bumpy, pot-holed, dirt road.  Dad said it would be a great evangelism tool… which means it would make everyone cry out to God.  Ha!  It was good stuff!  But, we came back safe and sound!

Tonight we set up the projector and played Passion of the Christ for over 100 people.  I had to leave because that movie makes me squall and I need to keep up my reputation!

We leave tomorrow to head back to Entebbe.  It will be a days’ journey.  We’ll stop off in Namasike, help locate some water and meet with people who have AIDS with the goal of giving them hope and medicine.  We are meeting Dad’s friend, Moses, who has come to the states a few years ago.  We’ll check on the well they built in February and also check on the school Dad helped build there in 1991.

I am very excited to meet new brothers and sisters tomorrow.  (Everyone here gets it… they call each other “brother”, “sister” or “dear”  I SO wish everyone could experience the people.  They are by far the most beautiful people I’ve ever encountered)  God is so good to show me so much this week!  I love you all and can’t wait to give you hugs in person!





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