#19 June email “Obedience… even when you don’t feel like it”


Today is my second full day back and I’ve done everything except write you.  I’m sorry… I’ve even sat down to write and got about half-way through, then stopped.  I’m not sure what it is… maybe I was more inspired in Uganda.  Maybe I’m more distracted back home.  Maybe I wasn’t meant to write until now.  Maybe it’s a combination of all of the above.  Yet again, I don’t really feel like writing, but I will.

I knew there was a chance that I’d have some major culture shock when I returned home.  When I came home from Costa Rica the first time, I felt so isolated and unable to connect to anyone or anything for quite sometime.  But, so far, I’m adjusting quite well this time around.  God planned it perfectly (as always) with me staying with Godfrey’s family.  Five days without a “proper” shower and toilet made me more than thankful for home.  I have an unending sense of gratitude for everything back home… my family, friends, babies, everything…

(So… I’ve been looking at this computer screen for far too long.. zero motivation)  I guess this is an obedience issue.  In Uganda, it was pretty simple to be obedient.  I’d wake up early, spend at least an hour with our Father and then I was able to spend the day intentionally glorifying Him.  I spent most the day with other believers and His name and mission were on the tip of all our tongues.  I was constantly edified and encouraged.  Something is different about being back home… I’m not saying it’s bad.  As a matter of fact, I’m more encouraged than anything.  I’m more conscious of looking for ways to be a blessing and give glory to God.  I am more excited than ever about bringing the mission field right here to Huntsville.  Everywhere we are… that IS our mission field.

I would love for you to continue to pray for this mission… here and in Uganda.  Really… we should be praying that God’s mission is fulfilled everywhere.  I truly believe the way to do that is for us to live the way Christ would.  There should not be this huge chasm between us.  There should not be people dying in poverty and others getting fatter and fatter with riches and greed.  There should not be religious people refusing to mingle with the irreligious.  When we refuse to help… that is sin.  Plain and simple.  We are putting SOMETHING before God.  We are holding on to our belongings, time, money, (you name it), instead of being obedient.  So, I ask you… what are you holding on to?  What is preventing you from serving our Father wholeheartedly?  I urge you to CRUSH it.  Flee from it.

For me, it was my comfort zone.  I had to flee my comfort zone to serve God wholeheartedly.  I continually put my comfort ahead of my obedience and once I crushed it, man… God was glorified and I was forever changed.  And the beauty of it is that this is not a one-time-occurrence.  He is faithful to bless me EVERYDAY I choose Him over my comfort.  Wow…

Thank you for your prayers.  You have no idea how much I appreciate all of you taking the time and effort to read my novellas I send.  Thank you for your hearts to pray for me, my dad and our passion for Uganda.  God has been so amazing to give us hearts for the unbelievably beautiful people of Uganda.  We are honored and excited to continue to serve our family there.

Wisdom… we need wisdom.  We are continuing to talk to, pray with and serve our brothers and sisters in Uganda.  We may be back home, but their needs are still very real.  God has been so good to allow us to be part of meeting some needs, but there are still many, many, many more.  When we go back in December (Lord willing!), we will focus on Pallisa.  Beautiful things have happened there since our visit.  (Remember we took Bibles, tracks and played Bible challenge there)  Because we could only afford 220 Bibles (about $1,500), the people had to learn thirty-two Bible verses before they could receive a Bible.  Well, the pastors have run out of tracks with the verses printed on them!  People are showing up at Pastor Jeffrey’s everyday to recite their verses and get their brand new Bible!  HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!!!  They have the Word written on the tablet of their hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m so excited!!!  So, we are trying to send money to get more of those verses printed and more Bibles sent.  What an awesome opportunity!  They’ve assured us that in December, we’ll be overwhelmed with the crowd Bible challenge will draw.  Do you feel a revival coming on???

So, when we go back, we hope to shower Pallisa with Love and Truth.  We hope to take Pastor Jeffrey a projector along with Macarthur DVDs for teaching pastors and evangelism DVDs for the community.  We want to find water and begin the process of digging many more wells around the town.  We hope to have more Bibles to supply the need of the people.  We also are looking to get Macarthur study Bibles and Bible challenge books in all the pastors’ hands.  And that’s just the beginning… We’re still praying, praying, praying for wisdom and guidance.

Please pray with us.  Please pray that, if indeed this is God’s will, that we all step up and join Him.  Pray that wisdom and resources are showered to water the seeds of this passion.  We are the body.  Two people cannot do this enormous task.  So, please pray that more hearts will be joined with us to make Pallisa a bright light in Uganda.

We praise God for the things He is doing in Uganda.  Hearts were softened to begin the construction of Pastor Moses’ house in Namaseke.  AND… some money has been given to begin the concrete project at the school to put an end to the jigger problem for the kids.  Please pray more is given to be able to finish these projects  Again… I’m honored to walk alongside obedient people like you.  Thank you for loving our Father enough to love His people rightly.

I hope to find some time and get all the pictures together to send to you.  I also hope to upload many more videos to You Tube.  Please pray that I am obedient.  I find it much harder to be a joyful giver of my time and resources here at home.  But, through Him, I will persevere!

I love you all.  Thank you again.  I’m humbled and honored.



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