#15 June email “Perspective”


I’m going to be honest, I don’t feel like writing.  I’m feeling myself wanting to shut down.  This has been a really unproductive defense mechanism my entire life.  Something becomes too much… shut down.  About to get hurt… shut down.  Not going well… shut down.  Overwhelmed… shut down.

So, I will combat this by writing when I don’t feel like it.  My dad’s plane is supposed to take off in ten minutes.  I had no idea I would miss him so much.  I had no idea what I was missing for twenty-four years.  I’m so looking forward to what God has in store for us.  The ministry we are hoping to be a part of here in Uganda is VERY exciting.  I had no idea serving our Father with my father would be this wonderful.  I knew it would be good, but this has truly been amazing.

I’m writing you from Pastor Godfrey’s home in Kampala.  He and his wife have invited me in for the remainder of the week.  I hope to help Eva tomorrow at her school.  Thursday we hope to work on some administrative things in town. Friday I hope to help at school again.  And I have no idea what I’ll do Saturday except hop on a plane at 10:45 PM.  Actually, I have no idea what I’ll do each day.  I’ll just have to see what this beautiful family and God have in mind.  J

I would absolutely love prayers for continued openness.  Last year in Costa Rica, half-way through, I had the thought that “Man, if you love the people this much now… just imagine how much it will hurt when you leave!”  So, I shut down.  I still regret it.  But, do you know what I’m talking about?  Have you ever loved so much that it became too much???  Well, I’m at a crossroads.  And, I’m asking you to help me persevere and continue forward.

One great praise (one of many that popped in my head)… Dad called Pastor Jeffrey from Pallisa today.  Pastor J was in the middle of listening to a guy recite his thirty-two Bible verses to get his new Bible!!!  Then, twenty-minutes later, the young man called to thank Dad and share how excited he was!!!  I’m telling you… there is something special about to happen in Pallisa!  We have more ideas that we are discussing with the pastors… we are all very excited, honored and blessed that the Lord has decided to stoop and use us.

I also got to see Priscilla and Vivian down at the school today.  These were the super sweet girls who talked to me after I twisted my ankle, which is fine by the way.  They were sad I was leaving today, but we exchanged contact information.  I asked Priscilla if there was anything she’d like to ask.  I thought she’d just ask silly questions about America like before, but she asked if I could find someone to pay for her school fees.  I was taken aback at first… but, we talked further.  She has six siblings and her parents manage to send them all to school, but it is a really rough.  I asked how much her school fees were.  She said 35,000 shillings each trimester.  That equals to $45.45 a year.  I told her to pray and that I’d pray.  Fifty bucks… man, my dining out a few times could send her to school for a full year.

Godfrey has assured me tonight that God has a purpose for everything.  You may not know it now, but later on down the road you’ll see how great His plan really was.  I can’t wait to see what this trip is the beginning of.  I feel like it’s something big…

When Dad was leaving, he hugged me and said he’d been waiting for this for twenty-four years.  Twenty-four years we waited.  His ways are NOT our ways.  I feel like this relationship we are starting is a fine wine that has aged!  I look forward to every sip!

I love you all.  I look forward to loving on all the little cuties tomorrow.  I’ll take lots of pictures and video and will try to email some soon.  This family I’m staying with is so amazing… I wish I could share all their stories.  Just know that they are an incredible blessing and are showering me with hospitality.  They love our God and it pours out of them.

Thank you for your love and support.  I look forward to the cups of coffee, lunches, walks, hikes, rides and dinners when I get home.  We have a lot to do!!!!  Uganda is now my other home…(By the way… Pastor Godfrey said any of you are welcome to stay here if you can’t afford a hotel room!!!  YIPPEE!!!!)  I truly feel God calling me to come back as often as possible.  Ever felt that?  You get to a place and immediately know that you’ll be back again and again.  That’s what I feel here.  Such a blessing.

Love you.  Good night.  I’m looking forward to shrugging off this weight and loving life and our Father tomorrow.  Thank you.




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