#1 June email “Hello from Africa!”

Hello my beautiful family!  I am so excited to say, that after two full days of travel, I have arrived in Uganda!!!  It’s even more beautiful than I imagined.  The people here are just lovely.

My dad and Fred met picked me up from the airport and we drove about twenty minutes to where I am now.  I am somewhere between Entebbe and Kampala.  I will be staying here with Dad, Henry, Henry’s grandsons, and quite a few other gentlemen.  They are all very sweet and accommodating.  Right now, they have all gone to church, so I’m about to get my first shower in a couple days and rest.  Dad has informed me that if I don’t rest now, I won’t.  He says this is about to be a complete whirlwind.  One of the men has already offered Dad MANY cows for me to be his second wife!  HA!  So, you can tell I’m surrounded by men who have great senses of humor and love God.  That’s the perfect combination!!!

I would write more, but I’m dirty and exhausted.  I just wanted you all to know that I’m here safely and loving it already.  Thank you for your prayers.  They have brought me safely here and given me beautiful encounters with people so far.  I wish you could all be here with me now.  Words cannot express the love and gratitude I feel for each one of you.  I love you all and will write more when I get a chance.


So thankful for grace,



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